Festive Front Yard

Make greenery twinkle for a welcoming entryway.Brighten outdoor walkways by lacing grapevine balls with mini tree lights, then placing them atop a row of planters filled with boughs of cedar, boxwood and spruce — a mix that delivers rich texture. Come spring, remove the lights and dot the balls through the garden as objets. Draw attention to the front door by draping it with a lush garland of B.C. cedar laced with dainty tree lights. To make a garland like this one, lay two boughs side by side and wrap them together with florist's wire, then again with strands of white Christmas lights. Repeat until you have formed a garland; center it over the door, and use nails or adhesive hooks to fasten the garland to the frame so that it drapes down the sides of the door.

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